Celtic Ferret's second album celebrates more music drawn from their English and Scottish heritage.


1. The Eynsham Poachers
2. The Royal Forester
3. Game of Cards
4. Mary and  the Soldier
5. Fakenham Fair
6. Song of the Staffordshire Men  
7. Cropper Lads
8.The Deserter
9. Paddy in Glasgow
10. The Jolly Ploughboys
11. Gosport Nancy Goes To Portsmouth
12. The Keepers and the Poachers
13. The Bold Poachers

Whet your appetite and have a listen to the snippets from four tracks on the album

The Keepers and the PoachersCeltic Ferret
00:00 / 00:39
Game of CardsCeltic Ferret
00:00 / 00:38
Cropper LadsCeltic Ferret
00:00 / 00:33
The Bold PoachersCeltic Ferret
00:00 / 00:21

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